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Lewis & Tolkien

Fall 2014: Lewis & Tolkien

Roots of the Mountain

Fall 2014: Roots of the Mountain

Science Fiction, Part I

Fall 2014: Science Fiction Part I

The Lord of the Rings

Summer 2014: The Lord of the Rings

Chaucer II: The Canterbury Tales

Summer 2014: Chaucer II

Taking Harry Seriously

Summer 2014: Taking Harry Seriously

Celtic Myth in Children's Fantasy

Spring 2014: Celtic Myth

The Gothic Tradition

Spring 2014: The Gothic Tradition

Chaucer: Visions of Love

Spring 2014: Chaucer I

Philology Through Tolkien

Fall 2014: Philology Through Tolkien

Tolkien and Tradition

Fall 2013: Tolkien in Tradition

Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination

Fall 2013: Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination

The Dystopian Tradition

Summer 2013: The Dystopian Tradition

Beyond Middle-earth

Summer 2013: Beyond Middle-earth

Great Books I

2012-2013 Great Books I

British Literature

2012-2013 British Literature

Tolkien's World of Middle-earth

Spring 2013 Tolkien’s World of Middle-earth

Science Fiction, Part II

Spring 2013: Science Fiction, Part II

Science Fiction, Part I

Fall 2012, Science Fiction, Part I

The Story of The Hobbit

Fall 2012, The Story of The Hobbit

The Arthur Story

Summer 2013: The Arthur Story

Elementary Latin II

Fall 2012: Elementary Latin II

Elementary Latin I

Summer 2012: Elementary Latin I

Modern Fantasy

Summer 2012: Modern Fantasy

Hogwarts 101

Summer 2012: Hogwarts 101

Taking Harry Seriously (Spring 2012)

Spring 2012: Taking Harry Seriously

The Making of Myth (Spring 2012)

Spring 2012: The Making of Myth

Tolkien and The Epic (Fall 2011)

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