Chaucer: Visions of Love (Spring 2014)

Chaucer: Visions of Love (Spring 2014)

This class is the first semester in a two-part survey of Chaucer’s major works.  In this first semester, we will study the works with which Chaucer established his reputation in his time: his early dream vision poems and his greatest completed work: Troilus and Criseyde.  In the second semester, we will study The Canterbury Tales.  In this first semester, we will focus on immersing ourselves in Chaucer’s language, building not only a comprehension of Chaucer’s verse but a sensitivity to the subtle nuances of Chaucer’s tone and narrative voice.  We will be reading Chaucer exclusively in Middle English, but no previous experience with Middle English is required.  Chaucer delights to engage other authors and other texts through his own poems, so we will also be reading some of the works with which Chaucer is explicitly interacting, including medieval favorites such as Ovid, Cicero, Macrobius, and Chaucer’s great Italian predecessor, Boccaccio.

Taught By

Professor Corey Olsen


Course Schedule

Chaucer: Visions of Love (Spring 2014)

Book List

The Riverside Chaucer by Benson, Pratt and Robinson
The Story of Troilus by R.K. Gordon
Troilus and Criseyde (Norton Critical Edition) edited by Stephen Barney

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