Science Fiction, Part I (Fall 2014)

Science Fiction, Part I (Fall 2014)

What does it mean to be human? Are we alone? What wonders or terrors will tomorrow hold? Join award-winning scholar Dr. Amy H. Sturgis as she explores the ways in which the literature of science fiction over time has asked the question: “What if?” This course will consider the development of the genre from “proto-SF” writings through the Golden Age, with an eye toward how the great works and movements within science fiction both reflect the concerns and attitudes of their time and imagine beyond them. Discover why author Ray Bradbury called science fiction “the most important literature in the history of the world.”

Taught By

Professor Amy H. Sturgis


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Science Fiction, Part I (Fall 2014)

Book List

The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One: 1929-1964: The Greatest Science Fiction Stories of All Time - edited by Robert Silverberg
The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume Two A: The Greatest Science Fiction Novellas of All Time - edited by Ben Bova
Frankenstein - Mary Shelley*
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Jules Verne
We - Yevgeny Zamyatin*
The Martian Chronicles - Ray Bradbury*
A Canticle for Leibowitz - Walter M. Miller, Jr.
Dune - Frank Herbert
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress - Robert Heinlein

* linked title is strongly suggested edition

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