Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination (Fall 2013)

Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination (Fall 2013)

The intellectual sibling of science fiction, born of the same parents (the Scientific Revolution and the Industrial Revoltion), is what its father, Edgar Allan Poe, called “tales of ratiocination.” Poe created the first scientific detective, C. Auguste Dupin, who in turn paved the way for one of the most enduring and beloved literary characters of all time, Sherlock Holmes. This course focuses on Poe and Conan Doyle and how their works blended scientific method, mystery, and imagination to create the modern literature of detection. Students will consider why Sherlock Holmes remains an often revisited and reinterpreted character with remarkable resonance in our own time, and how the genre he helped to create and the literary descendants he inspired continue to question the idea of order in our universe and how we know what we (think we) know.

Taught By

Professor Amy H. Sturgis


Course Schedule

Sherlock, Science and Ratiocination (Fall 2013)

Book List

The Murders in the Rue Morgue - Edgar Allan Poe
The Moonstone - Wilkie Collins
The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Volume 1 - Arthur Conan Doyle
The Complete Sherlock Holmes, Volume 2 - Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock: Season One - DVD

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